263 Conference Call

263 conference call: service provider for enterprise conference, web conference, on-line conference, and multi-user call system


Secure and reliable

Secure and reliable: summit Conference Call platform is imported, which is provided by the largest global communication equipment provider. Multiple encryption for data transmission and *7 lock when meeting, by which can help ensure of privacy and security of conferences.

Clear voice

The global leading conference equipment PSTN and special line transmission are adopted by all lines, echo suppression of 128 ms and noise abatement technology can be provided.

One-on-one service

Exclusive customer service to support the whole process, host introduction and post-meeting report are provided. CS in Chinese and English available 7*24.

Ease of use

Platform for Large-scaled Meeting , call by click and 3,000 attending conference, automatic call back by customers once offline; the most convenient mobile phone client, be full control of conference.


Together with the largest global communication equipment provider--Compunetix, 263 Conference Call
imports the most advanced summit Conference Call platform to provide high-quality services
for our customers. One single conference can support 3,000 on line at the same time.



Conference reservation

Button for several of conference control

Intelligent Contacts

PC client

Choose the right one

  • Basic Edition


    263EM supported

    20 users online for one single meeting

    Call upon contacts

    Domestic rate :RMB 0.2 /min/user

    Overseas: refer to“international rate”

  • Standard Edition


    Call-in, call-out supported

    300 users for one single meeting supported

    Fixed and dynamic password supported

    Exclusive monitor system

  • Pro Edition

    Large-scaled Meeting


    Realtime online meeting assistance 3000 users for one single meeting supported

    Fixed and OTP supported

    Exclusive operation system

    Secured Meeting


    Dynamic password supported

    White list supported

    Exclusive monitor system

    Customized space for meeting record and review

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