263 Large-scaled Meeting

Features of 263 Large-scaled Meeting, such as rapidly call and start conference, click for calling thousands of participants

Self-service for large-sum

Features of rapidly call and start conference, click for calling thousands of participants by WEB. Bulk importing of contacts, conference reservation, timely call-out, options for several of conference types, logic and clear interface for conference control, full knowledge of participants status, intelligent tracking call for the off-line, and functions like Q&A, voting and groups discussions, etc.

Customized human services

End to end tracking can be provided by experienced conference Account manager, which includes event planning, process formulation, event design, event rehearsal, event sites, recorded files turning-in after event, summary and report on the event. It can be adopted for VIP/Large conference and event presentation, e.g. BOD of listed company, financing/senior management conferences, all the sales/operation conferences, voting and electing conferences, simultaneous interpreting conferences, negotiating conferences, etc.




My conference

Immediate conference

Conference arrangement

Conference control


Conference Contacts

Conference arrangement

Post-conference services

Monthly report

Monthly report

Conferences minutes

System setting

Personal information

Modify password

Conference arrangement

Conference setting


Process for Admin

  • Sign in conference system






  • Maintain Contacts

    Cloud storage

    Contacts management

    Groups management

    Maintaining produces longer usage

    Export Contacts rapidly to participants list

  • Conference reservation and notice

    Conference arrangement: reservation on conferences can be available, by using of mail, SMS to inform of participants.

    My conference: check, modify, cancel, call for reserved conference, review

    Immediate conference: call out immediately.

  • Monitor in real-time

    Control in real-time: mode for all-mute, mode for super-mute, cancel for mute mode, record, stop recording, hands-up, exchange hosts, search during conference, top for participants, etc.

    Intelligent tracking call

  • Conference management

    Conference minutes: check detailed information and report of past conferences.

    Monthly report: check conference expenses.

    Recharge record: check recharge of account.

    Notice: all the information mentioned above is for latest 6 months.


Process for human services






  • Requirements confirmation

    Clarify customers’ requirements. (maximizing customized services)

    Customized service staffs for customer

  • • Conference preparation

    Normalize service process

    Customized invitation letter

    Deliver conference requirements

    Inner rehearsal before conference

  • Formal conference

    Preparation, adjustment, emphasis on process in advance

    Feedback on attending information

    Start conference, ensure of high-quality services

    Q&A, voting and summary on conference

  • Post-conferences services

    Service report for conference

    Participants list

    Satisfaction survey

    Analysis report for conference

    Other customized requirements from customers


Online assistant for conference

Professional technology service team for conference, 500-seat call center, *0 bilingual services for 7*24, meet different requirements during the meeting, ensure of high-quality voice of conference and secure access of participants.

On-line problems solving in real-time (control echo, noise, extra ones, etc )

On-line volume adjustment, ensure of clarity of voices (turn up/down telephone receiver, turn up/down conversation)

Help track and call the off-line, ensure of smooth conference

Various of support services can be provided as required (Feedback on attending information, mute mode for participants, etc).

Service quality is ensured by SLA, integrated with system management, network management, modification management, problems management, etc.

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