Why choose 263?

  • I am boss/manager

    1.I can work on 263EM on PC, mobile phone, Mac, anytime anywhere!

    2.I don’t need to remember my password overtime I sign in 263EM.

    3.I can manage the key persons per enterprise contacts freely.

    4.I can check the work files on 263drive anytime

    5.I can share my calendar to my secretary and she can manage my itinerary on 263 Cloud Schedule, very convenient!

    6. If my mailbox is logged in at different places, the system will send a warning to remind me. Very safe!

    7. I can ask my assistant to arrange conceals anytime on 263EM.

    8.No matter where I am, I can work with my core team members freely!

  • I am financial staff

    1.263 enterprise mail can be bind with mobile phone, security strategy can be set, and log-in in different places and password modification, etc can be reminded automatically, ensure of financial mail at maximum, without potential dangers.

    2.I can work on 263EM everywhere

    3.I can set circular remind for reimbursement by month, invite to remind of all members on the contact to ensure of thoughtful remind for reimbursement.

    4.Relevant voucher can be shared with staffs rapidly by using 263Drive, help staffs get to know relevant content in time.

  • I am secretary/assistant

    1.I can work on 263EM on PC, mobile phone, Mac, etc, receive and follow boss’s instruction at anytime, anywhere.

    2.I can accept shared schedule from my boss, record it, and invite the relevant members freely.

    3.I can share the required material of conference with participants, and send outer link to outside Contacts per 263 Drive.

    4. I organize and start conference for my boss, at anytime, anywhere, because I am his administrator!


  • I am IT administrator

    1.The business process of 263EM is perfect! I can access to 263 exclusive service staffs very smoothly.

    2.Relevant orientation analysis for mail DNS is made and verified.

    3.I can manage IT access and administration access of inside staffs by using of 263 administrator platform.

    4.I can allocate sub-administrator for every department, especially for providing access of adding or deleting staffs for HR Dept, which can help update Contacts of organization when entry and departure process needed.

    5.Seamless mail migration can be set; data migration for original post system can be available by one click.

    6.I can manage communication expense, and optimize cost and strengthen control by detailed condition.

    7.263 provides free training during service period helps my employees to acquire knowledge very soon.

    8.Our company and set close and effective communication between inside and outside per Interacting 263EM with WeChat by WeChat enterprise account.

    9.263 technical team is dedicated to support for combining multi APP with 263EM,.Meanwhile, 263 enterprise mails intergrated with OA to achieve unified approvement and system integration by single sign-in.

  • I am staff

    1.I can switch between work mails and private mails freely.

    2. I own an exclusive fax number on mail of 263 mailbox. Receipt and delivery can be available at anytime.

    3. I can use 263 mail through 263EM on PC, mobile, Mac, etc, communication can be available at anytime, anywhere.

    4.Groups or discussion groups can be set by projects on 263EM for effective communication in groups.

    5.I can manage my personal relations by using contacts on 263EM.

    6.I can choose to communication with my work fellows on 263EM or on WeChat freely.

    7.I can rapidly retrive work files through 263Drive or share them to my colleagues freely.

    8.I can check OA, make reimbursement or log on other business systems just by log on 263EM.

    9.No matter where I am or where I go, I will never let my work down because 263EM is my workmate to go!!!



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