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As component stocks of CSI 300 Index, SSE 180 Index, SSE 180 Financial Index and SSE Middle-sized Enterprise Index, and one of seven certified and pilot security companies checked and verified by CSRC, Sinolink Securities has customers of more than 300,000, and market value and cash deposit of custody securities of more than RMB 28,000,000,000.


1.A number of branches and staffs need quite a number of daily communication by telephone.
2.Fast update for financial products means that quick information delivery is needed; however, there is high time cost for start and call for training or lecture, which can badly affect capacity of per capita.
3.High needs for delivering system notice mail of triggering business.
4.High information time-effectiveness, precise delivery is needed, to achieve fast transactions.
5.Long pheromone remaining and objective legal force is needed.

Solutions of 263 Cloud communication

Fast, precise and no delay.

Advantage one: integrated with communication, improve efficiency, breakthrough for promotion problems

In the era of mobile internet financing, how to improve financial product value and brand value of financing services institution? A wide range of professional training sessions, project recommendations, communication meetings of promotion team, on-line stocks evaluation, core customers education, etc help financial enterprises catch touch points of customers. Integrated with several of conference types, e.g. call conference, video conference, and live conference, 263 Cloud communication helps improve work and promotion efficiency for financial institutions.

1.Call conference: ensure of routine communication, fast and stable.
2.Video conference: audio, video and documents, etc can be delivered for cross-region communication, immersive and perfect.
3.Live conference: no need of client, audio, video and documents, etc can be delivered rapidly, nurturing market and capturing clues.
4.Conference services: process confirmation before conference, support during conference, report after conference provided.


Advantage two: precise information delivery

Volatility of financial market means every minute counts. 263 Cloud communication ensures of systematic mail, precise delivery, fast-speed and security, free of delay. Information precise delivery is guarantied on node of market volatility. Guard for shareholders’ earnings and remove concerns for brokerages delivery.

Advantage three: electronic fingerprint, to avoid conflicts

Mail system of 263 Cloud communication also provides objective archive services, which can be taken as original evidences of liability exemption for financial institutions. Attached electronic fingerprint from notary office has legal forces, which can ensure of legitimate interests for both shareholders and financial institution.



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