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Customer introduction

As the greatest global pharmaceutical company based on R&D, Pfizer is headquarted in New York City, U.S., with a long history of more than 160 years since 1849.


1.Its business covers for more than 300 cities in China, and more than 10,000 staffs are engaged in sales, R&D, production, etc.
2.Cross-function communication, pharmaceutical representative training, suppliers negotiation conference are necessary every day. Therefore, there is high demand for rapid call and effective management on conference.
3.Rapidly update on pharmaceutical knowledge and promotion strategy, lack of effective channel for high-frequency delivery.

Solutions of 263 Cloud communications

Global conference, 99.99% of stability,3000 users call conference, outlook reminder

Advantage one: high-effective inside communication

When talking about Health care industry, the organizational structure is huge, global branches are widely distributed, therefore, it is difficult to start unified communication. A wide range of integrated communication conferences, such as discussion group, call conference, etc can be provided by 263 Cloud communication, at anytime, anywhere. Select participants at every branch by one click, and start data or audio, video conference immediately.

1.Convenient call conference services

1.Call at any time: conference organizer has long-term account and password, call at any time;
2.Rapid reservation: covered by Office suite, reserve conference and deliver conference notice by Outlook;
3.Active call-in: conference habit for foreign company, over 90% of participants will actively call for conference when time is due for reservation.
4.Access to global: large sum for global access, high demand for audio quality of participants both domestic and overseas.

2.Exclusive conference services

1.Exclusive access No.: customized access No. of 400 and 95040, customized audio process of IVR;
2.Customized R&D: customized R&D for outlook conference plug-in, simplify invitation process, improve efficiency;
3.Access to Schedule: integrated outlook Schedule, improve participating by alarm;
4.Save expense: access No. of LOCAL TOLL and TOLL FREE are provided for saving expense of international calls;
5.Exclusive team for dedicated services, *0 for assistant for 24h services, report, training, research, attention to users’ requirements, help for product update;


Advantage two: platform for inside education and training

Live broadcast of 263 Cloud communication supports multi-session services of main sessions + parallel sessions, 100,000 concurrent users online simultaneously, 99.99% of stability, fast and effectively popularize leading pharmaceutical technology and knowledge, etc.


Advantage three: fast and intelligently popularized enterprise knowledge

Health care industry is skill-intensive; there is high demand for comprehensive and timely update for personnel training. The importance for understanding and dissemination on relevant pharmaceutical knowledge and promotion strategy should not be more emphasized. 263Drive provides convenient, fast, and secure services for information and documents sharing. Information storage, sharing, management, check, and search for at anytime, anywhere.


Advantage four: wider range of types for business expansion

Call conference of 263 Cloud communication supports 3,000 on line, one-to-many patient education market, strengthen doctor-patient communication, popularize pharmaceutical knowledge, and enlarge influences of pharmaceutical institutions and enterprises.



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