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As one of the largest career education institutions in China, Sunlands was founded in 2001, its customers are covered in a number of large, middle-sized cities in Northern China, and trainees reach to more than 100,000. At present, the standardization of curriculum has become the model in the career education field.


Large sum for personnel, low efficiency for inside communication;
Academic material, curriculum, courseware material, assignments, etc, lack of unified management on knowledge base;
Fixed resources of teaching, space limit for resource exchange and sharing;
Sharply increase for cost of traditional education venue and classroom, urgent need for integration with internet education of cross-platform.

263 Cloud Communication Solutions

Advantages one: high-effective communication, at anytime, anywhere.

Organizational structure is huge, global branches are widely distributed; therefore, it is difficult to start unified communication. A wide range of integrated communication conferences, such as instant message, mail, call conference, etc can be provided by organizational Contacts of 263 Cloud communication, at anytime, anywhere.

1.High-effective communication

1. Nearly all of inside communication and interaction of enterprise can be made by 263 Cloud communication effectively;


Advantage two: intelligent sharing of courseware resources

263Drive is the intelligent storage platform for inside of education institution, documents sorting, management, distribution, sync can be available by it, improve files coordination capacity for education institution, fast visit, and retrieval.


Advantage three: breakthrough of space limit for teaching mode

Live broadcast of 263 Cloud communication makes great breakthrough on limit of time and space, becomes the leading solution of web and video education in the industry, by using of teaching modules, e.g live video system, video on demand system, etc, which can help save venue cost, optimize for sharing, exchange and interaction of teaching resources. Functions of video on demand, extra tutoring can be more flexible to satisfy detailed requirements of trainees.


Advantage four: comprehensive integration of enterprise applications

1、Perfect integration with OA and 263 Cloud communication. Pushing message, management on departments and users can be available;
2、Free of verification and single point sign-in OA can be achieved, real-time system message popping to remind; details and processing can be checked and reviewed.



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