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Registered in 1996, China Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd has become public company of great competitive, with two listed companies, and 4 stocks.


Self-built mail system, weak stability, without copies or load;
Mail missing, mail delay, mail rejection, mail unusable, etc for overseas receipt and delivery;
High demand for pro skills of administrator, who can not capable for undertaking multi management tasks;
Ineffective and inconvenient management and communication between factory and 4S stores.

263 Cloud Communication Solutions

Advantage one: unified and high-effective platform for inside communication

Instant communication platform of 263 Cloud communication helps find the right person within organization rapidly by using of unified Contacts, several of communication types can be chosen for reducing communication cost, e.g instant communication, telephone, mail, etc. Web/call conference of 263 Cloud communication makes great breakthrough of limit for time, and space, rapid access to conference can be available by any terminal, ensures of effective delivery of message.

Organizational structure:

Clearly display of organizational structure and members information, such as mobile phone, fixed telephone, mail, etc, contact with members for one-key at anytime, anywhere.


Advantage two: high-effective and intelligent sharing for documents of process management and control inside company.

1.Intelligent storage
263Drive is the platform of intelligent synergy storage, centralized management on enterprise data, real-time upload, sync, enterprise files checking, access setting for files uploading and checking can be available, improve work efficiency and ensures of files security.

2.Optimize process
According to requirements of enterprise files storage and management, 263Drive succeeds in improving process optimization of enterprise business, enhancing operating efficiency, and reducing operation cost, by using functions of 263Drive, that is, storage, management and control, sharing and coordination.

3.Independent work space
Freely create independent work space, based upon multidimensional requirements, such as institution, business, project, information type, etc.


Advantage three: stable mail system

1.System stability
Features of 263xmail system include: front application module access to Internet, without storage of user information or mail, cluster array deploy is adopted; back-end storage module access to LAN, hashed storage is adopted, ensure of data security for users.

2.Overseas receipt and delivery
Cluster of transit for mail receipt and delivery server set up in several of places overseas, maintain close cooperation with Amazon.

3.Independent work space
Anti-spam TAP gateway of 263 Cloud communication Mail, pass National 863 anti-spam plan, recognize property of mail rapidly, keeps close cooperation with global leading solution provider for information security area, effectively protects mail from virus.



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