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263 cloud archive: expert for archiving and management on enterprise mail, on-line archive for mail receipt and delivery

“263 Cloud Archive”refers to on-line archive, classification management, perpetual saving, search and visit in real-time for enterprise mail and instant message.

Applied on massive data, to move and manage data effectively. By using of Cloud communication archive system, data can be saved on storage hardware of low cost. Besides of the normal saving, the data can be achieved and searched fast when necessary.

Based upon enterprise users’ requirements, Cloud communication archive provides on-line archive, perpetual saving, search and visit
in real-time for enterprise mail and instant message. The initial state of mail and instant message can be kept to audit
enterprise users by law and regulation in the future, by which can track on history mail and instant message easily.


Archive strategy

According to enterprise requirements, achieve based on user.

Continuous archive, or scrolling archive based on time limit can be chosen, archive as long as needed.

Type of archived data can be chosen, both mail and instant message can be archived.

Data retrieval

Data retrieval can be more effective with help of wide search criteria. Output, mail integral and notarization can be available by using data retrieval.

Security Guard

Security setting for VIP archived mail protect such mails from deleting, caused by archive strategy, etc, ensure of perpetual saving for VIP mail.

Logging audit and access management

Access management: sub-administrator supported, different access to administrators.

Logging audit: detailed logging records of every administrator can be supported, fast query can be reached, based on time, administrator accounts and contents. Based on search criteria, logging output can be available.


Basic functions

Product name Cloud archive
Edition Pro Edition
Standard rates Annual payments by fixed spaces
Archived space Market price
Archived space=100G RMB 9800/Year
Archived space=1024G RMB 60000/Year
Functions Logging audit
Accounts management
Archived user setting
Archived time setting
Archived data setting
Sub-administrator management
Mail retrieval
Mail security
Logging query
Mail output
Mail notarization
Logging output
Access management


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