Speed transmission

Break-point resume, file backup, no need for guard; “LAN speed transmission channel”provided for inner enterprise data transmission, point to point transmission adopted within multi-terminal of LAN, faster files sync inside company, speed up data transmission of inner enterprise and reduce network wideband occupied greatly.

Convenient and easy to use

Fast files retrieval, on-line preview supported.

Cost effectiveness

No need for server, reduce cost of files storage for enterprises, free of complicated, expensive training, and low down the training cost; improve office efficiency and help reduce operation cost.

Secure and reliable

Data storing and encrypting by 256 bits AES, structured on open storing services of Cloud. Extra backup added, distributed on several of machine rooms in China, ensure of non-stop transmission services for files; transmission encrypted by SSL.

263Drive: high-effective, secure, convenient and low-cost enterprise cloud storage platform, sync updating and storing
for enterprise files, rapid sharing, concentrated control, mobile business, synergy business can be supported.
Considering of SME’s requirements on network files storage and management, 263 tries best to optimize
enterprise business procedures, improve operating efficiency and reduce cost, by using powerful
functions of comprehensive storage, control, mobile, sharing and coordination.


Multi-terminal support

iPad、iPhone、Android、Windows、Mac, etc.

Access control

Access sharing, 8 types of access can be available for limiting uploading, downloading, editing and deleting files, etc.

Concentrated control

Concentrated manage and allocate visit access for sub-administrators.

Backstage management

Record users logging by logs.

Group management

Set up sharing groups by departments and projects.

Files sharing

Files link out, one URL produced by files/folder automatically, shared with multiple users.

Historical files

Every revised result can be saved automatically.

Comments and tasks

Comment and check on files, exchange ideas within team at any time.

On-line preview

More than 30 formats supported.

Breakpoint resume

Transmission can be allowed to continue on which the point broke away.

Document handover

Documents kept when there is staff turnover, protect documents from missing.

Basic functions

Choose the right one

Basic edition
· 500M
  •   Dial 400-650-9263
Standard edition
· Files coordination supported
· Management functions of member and group supported
· Multi-terminal files sync supported
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