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Scientific and easy-to-use management platform:

Organizational structure and Contacts are imported just by click, updated in real-time; scientific access setting for users, multi-layer management; monitor and manage users’ information effectively.

Improve communication efficiency

Several of office system and applications can be available by API, organizational structure and member information can be displayed clearly, a variety of communications types help improve efficiency.

Easy work at anytime, anywhere

IOS/Android Mobile-end and Windows/Mac PC desktop supported, work efficiently at anytime, anywhere.

Guard for enterprise information

Encryption storage of data, multi-layer separation from both inner and outside system, ensure of transmission security; telecommunications carrier-grade services, system availability can reach to 99.99%, non-stop services can be provided.


Unified Contacts

Organization: upload, create Contacts, outsider Contacts can be connected by Wechat enterprise, then unified Contacts is formed.
Security management: administrator management for visible relationship within organization, avoid of information disclosing for VIP members.
Sync to multi-terminal: sync to several of terminals, e.g. PC (Windows\MAC), mobile (iOS\Android).
Sync to multi-client: sync to several of mail clients, e.g. Foxmail, outlook.
Groups: switch team discussion freely, free of delay or missing.

Unified communication

Instant message: text, image, audio and files transmission for multi-terminal supported, remote assistance and cloud information sync supported.
Mail: seamless access to 263 enterprise mail, mail delivery and receipt can be available at anytime, anywhere.
Call conference: seamless access to 263 call conference, start on call conference at anytime, anywhere.
Web conference: seamless access to 263 web conference, face to face communication in real-time can be achieved rapidly.
Communication by Web: VOIP is adopted, communicate with mobile phone, fixed-line phone by using of operator network.

Unified collaboration

Schedule: record and manage routine work hours, invitation and reservation conference by just click, and share schedule with workmates.
Tasks: gather together members by task, communicate at anytime, time is controllable.
Announcements: important message can be announced within organization.

Unified application

API supported, access to office system within organization can be available, e.g. CRM, OA.
Sync for AD account and unified Contacts account can be supported.
Sync for Contacts, mail contents and schedule can be supported.
Notification push of enterprise can be supported.

Unified content

Cloud archive: on-line archive, sorts management, long-term retain, search in real-time and visit allowed, track data in real-time, help for enterprise audit later.

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Basic Edition

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Message receipt and delivery, voice communication, pictures information supported

Information cloud sync supported

CS 7*24,Realtime online assistance service for 7*24.

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Standard Edition

Enterprise’s announcement supported

Enterprise’s contacts supported

50,000 users on line of one single enterprise

Multi-domain management and binding, multi-level departments, and multi-department affiliation supported.

Customer service for 7*24.

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