263 live web cast

263 live web cast: the best web live platform of four advantages, high concurrency, 100,000 concurrent online supported;



Adopted by a number of Fortune Global 500 companies
100,000 concurrent online supported
Stability is over 99.99%


Play and record at the same time, video on demand produced in real-time; no need of downloading plug-in on terminal, attend conference just by clicking on, 1 minute taken to start live interactive.


Audio and video interaction in real-time
Warm-up, inter-cut and ads presented supported
Live broadcast of multi-desktop in real time


PC desktop operation supported
Documents sharing and data coordination supported
Audio and video interaction supported
Call roll, voting and questionnaire supported.


【263 Web Broadcast】As one of subordinate business units of 263 enterprise communication, Gensee (www.gensee.com) is global leading service aid that integrated with live interactive, video-on-demand, courseware designing, data analysis, the interactive broadcast product provides operator-level of interactive
video cloud services for users, applied in web training, on-line education, enterprise web broadcast, etc.



Variety of WEB functions

sort management of mail

All-terminal support

mail verifying, real-time archive

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